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Nov 14

End of the Season Blues

Well, 2013 is almost over. Our season has been the best ever, with return visits by many guests, and new faces gracing our breakfast table. We have now shifted into a lower gear, closing down for the first week of November (after a hearty dose of 288 Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween coming up the scary front …

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Sep 20

Lanesboro, MN author launches new non-fiction B&B book at Lanesboro Arts Center

    LAUNCHED! From start to finish, the official launch of my new non-fiction book, Behind the Door Marked “Private”: Confessions of a Small Town Bed and Breakfast Owner on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, MN was a huge success for me as a new Minnesota non-fiction author. According to Gallery …

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Sep 10

Makeup Stains on White Washcloths and Linens Drives B&B Owners Crazy

What is it about white towels and washcloths that hotel, inn, or Bed and Breakfast  guests are drawn to like a magnet if they happen to be women who wear heavy makeup? Even when a black or dark purple or dark brown washcloth is provided, the presence of a white washcloth hanging by the sink …

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Sep 07

The Raspberry Harvest | Raspberry Pie!
{Our Best Raspberry Pie Recipe}

This afternoon I have just picked the motherlode of fresh, red, huge, ripe raspberries from what started out as 3 sticks of raspberry branches given to me 13 years ago by Stephanie, our neighbor across the street. Since then the raspberry bushes out in front of the Carriage house have grown immensely and need to …

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Sep 04

Accounting for the Habberstad House Bed & Breakfast; It’s Time and Money

On this lovely, sunny, spectacularly gorgeous day, I picked raspberries to make a pie for breakfast tomorrow. But not before I spent most of the 70-something degree weather indoors attempting to catch up on my bookkeeping and general accounting between interruptions. Every item must be accounted for, and that takes time. If I don’t do …

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Sep 02

Running a B&B while raising a family; how is it possible?

Today is Monday, Labor Day. Yesterday was Sunday. But yesterday I thought that it was Thursday, not Sunday. The Thursday before, not the next Thursday. But it wasn’t Thursday. It was Sunday. I’ve been confused like that before, since my days run like a fast blur, one into another, gathering speed the farther I get …

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Aug 30

Scotch Eggs Recipe Ingredients Correction to Make 12 eggs

Many thanks to Renee Bergstrom who read my Behind the Door Marked “Private” right after publication and found a recipe error. Eek! Unfortunately, I had used double the ingredients for the published book version, since I had originally served 2 eggs per person. I found that 1 egg, sliced in half, was plenty to serve …

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