Nov 14

End of the Season Blues

Well, 2013 is almost over. Our season has been the best ever, with return visits by many guests, and new faces gracing our breakfast table. We have now shifted into a lower gear, closing down for the first week of November (after a hearty dose of 288 Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween coming up the scary front steps for our giant candy bars) to take Daughter Erin and Grand-daughter Alice (5 years old) for a week-long trip to Orlando and all things Disney. That trip took a hefty bite out of our savings, forced us to wait in long lines and do lots of walking. Alice actually was quite happy swimming in the hotel’s pool, which we’ll remember the next time we plan a family-related get-away.

Now that we’re back, we’re settling into actually being able to sleep in late. No more getting up out of bed and immediately planning when I’ll take a nap. We’re closed week-days and open only on weekends till Christmas. That gives me time to think about cooking something other than breakfast, for Dave and me, that is. And eating breakfast out for a change. We do have guests on weekends, so there’s no time for complete detachment. I still have to bake this afternoon…

Dave has attacked the task (yes, attacked) of putting Christmas lights up outside on the Star Magnolia tree. Curses have ensued, as he finds new strands of lights no longer lighting once he gets them all positioned in the tree. It will be a long week getting those all up a few at a time while the weather is relatively warm.

I just want to share that this has been an odd Autumn. Here’s why. The bright blue delphiniums and white daisies, normally blooming in June, were blooming in the garden in mid-October. To top that, yesterday there were bluebirds fighting off sparrows at one of the two bluebird houses in our yard. I counted seven bluebirds in the tree fluttering around, and concluded that they were part of a late-summer brood now being dispatched from the nest to get going somewhere southward together. Pretty amazing. The internet revealed that this is not completely bizarre, since bluebirds stick around these parts till mid-November. OK, right on schedule. I’ve just never witnessed this myself before, so it initially worried me that the bluebirds had lost their minds.

But no. And now I’m feeling a little blue myself. Time to dig into preparing for winter, big time, which I’m not thrilled about, the older I get. On the other hand, it’s time to gear up for Christmas, which I love. OK! Bring it ON!