Mar 09

Steps to Simplify My Life as a Bed and Breakfast Owner: Step Two

Looking at the things that have caused me the greatest aggravation over the years, I would say that crashed computers are ranked at top of the list. One a scale of 1-10, with 10 being near to a complete melt-down, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, our series of 3 computer crashes over the 13 years we’ve been in business have brought me to a 10. The perfect aggravation score.

My husband Dave and I finally got it. A Macintosh, that is. Our last computer crash was in 2012, and that HP laptop had cost a pretty penny when we got it about 3 years prior. But the motherboard died and when the motherboard dies, there is not much left but tears. Learning how to use the whole Apple technology had intimidated me so much that I was paralyzed, but I eased into it over a couple years with an i-Pod, then an i-Phone and then an i-Pad. Smooth sailing with the Mac, after a few pointers from our friendly local computer whiz. And software. Oh, yes, we had to replace most if not all of our software so that they were compatible with the Mac. Expensive. But worth every penny.

So here’s my simplification:

Firstly, keeping my computer continuously backed up has made my life less cluttered with fear.

Secondly, My Mac has a big screen and makes it simpler to see what I’m doing.

Third, our calendars are synchronized on the Cloud. We can make reservations when the phone rings while away from the house, because we can access our calendar. And thus far, the Cloud has not disappointed us. In fact, it has simplified my life. Knock on wood.

Whatever you use for your computer, Simplify your Life as a Bed and Breakfast Owner by backing up your calendar and other important data (like your bookkeeping) every time you shut down your computer. You’ll thank yourself.